Working With An Entertainment Agency In The New Economy

  How an Entertainment Agency works In addition to writing contracts, making phone calls, sending emails (sometimes 50 a day) an entertainment agent will in the first instance obtain the work, which is in fact, their main role. This has never been so difficult since the post war period. There are occasions when an entertainment agent spends the whole day searching for the right act. Using the example of a sole trader, an entertainment agent's typical week 40 hr week comprises of: 40%-60% promoting the agency (front page of Google etc) 16-24 hrs 10%-30% dealing with bookings/issues 4-12 hrs 20% responding to enquiries (weeding out time wasters etc) 8 hrs 5% artist registration/maintaining a large artist database 2 hrs 5% Searching for that elusive act 2 hrs Entertainment Agent Overheads An entertainment agent has overheads like any business. Here is a list of some of the entertainment agent's overheads totalling (typically £2000+/year: • Streamline • PayPal • Bank charges • Gene